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Television viewers have seen Troy A. Smith, PLLC interviewed for his opinion on such high profile cases as the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the trial of Casey Anthony. With over twenty-one years of experience as a criminal defense and military lawyer, Mr. Smith has been recognized as an expert in litigating cases where law enforcement have used coercive interrogation techniques leading to a false confession. A former homicide prosecutor for New York City, known in military courts as the “Acquittal King,” Troy A. Smith was once declared to have one of the highest acquittal rates during his tenure as an Army JAG Criminal Defense Attorney. He has served council to hundreds of people in military proceedings including courts-martial and boards for discharge review, administrative separation, physical and medical evaluation, and correction of military records. In civilian law, Mr. Smith has represented defendants in cases for charges as varied as rape, aggravated assault, homicide, child molestation, drug distribution, manslaughter, embezzlement, and armed robbery. Having served counsel in over hundreds of cases in both civilian and military courts, Troy A. Smith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice of criminal and military defense in the State of New York.

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