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Optimizing Your Law Firm Marketing On Google Local

The game of SEO is one about following the rules and when it comes to marketing your law firm Google Local is key. Think differently? All you have to do is do a simple search for lawyers and see the results for yourself.

Without even specifying your area, Google will help you discover lawyers and firms in your query listed closest geographically to you. Utilizing Google Local can give your law firm the marketing edge it needs to gain exposure and build qualification with its target audience members.

There are a number of things you can do to build this with your law firm’s marketing:

Enlist with Google My Business. The first step is to list your business with Google My Business. It’s a free tool from Google that keeps all of you business information consistent across Google’s tools including Maps, Google+ and Search.

Optimize your web and mobile presence. It’s important to optimize your web presence across any and all network pages with consistent information. That means making sure addresses, phone numbers and other information is consistent across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other business pages.

Go mobile responsive. Over half of visits to websites are now performed on mobile devices. Adding to the complication, Google updated its algorithm to disclude websites on mobile devices if they didn’t comply to mobile responsive standards. Responsive web design will ensure your site is compliant to standards despite the screen size.

Keywords are key. Use the keywords in your business’s Google Local page that you want to rank for. About 20-30 keywords is a good number of keywords to begin tracking for. Google Keyword Tools within AdWords can assist in narrowing down these keywords.

Gain reviews. Google reviews for your Business Google+ page give instant credibility while boosting your ranking within search queries. Reach out to happy clients and ask them to leave reviews on your Google and social media.