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White Plains NY Legal MarketingPracticing law in New York for over twenty years in all sorts of immigration matters, Susan B. Henner has worked for clients both big and small. Her visa work has helped Fortune 500 companies and small start ups alike. Ms. Henner has provided legal assistance to large firms and individuals alike, securing visas, residency, and citizenship for thousands of clients. Her work has seen her helping with family immigration issues of all kinds. As Susan B. Henner has helped thousands of people enter the country and obtain legal status, she has also helped hundreds find safety from deportation. Her practice has represented those seeking asylum, those seeking cancellation of removal, and those who face immigration issues of a criminal nature. Ms. Henner consistently helps agents and other employers in the entertainment industry obtain visas for artists, entertainers, and athletes. As for her professional associations, she is currently Adjunct Professor at New York Law School’s Safe Passage Program, which provides legal help for unaccompanied minors. She is presently co-chair of The Westchester County Bar Association’s Committee on Immigration and Nationality Law and is the vice-president of the non-profit Safe Passage Project Corporation. Susan B. Henner’s name can be found among The Global Director of Who’s Who, and she was named in November, 2011 as one of Arrive Magazine’s “Top Northeast Attorneys: Best and the Brightest.”

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