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5 Different Types of Advertising for Law Firms

The market for legal services is extremely competitive. In most places, there are multiple lawyers/firms that offer the same type of services. And in major metropolitan areas, there are dozens/hundreds of competing options. That is why different types of advertising for law firms are essential.

The demand for legal services is strong. And it is consistent, even as digital options have come online. That is why any provider of legal services must make an effort to connect with clients. A sign on the front door is not enough, and listing in the phone book is inadequate. And word-of-mouth only offers so much. The right marketing mix is an essential feature of a successful law firm.

The hard question is figuring out what types of advertising for law firms are most effective. There are dozens of different advertising channels/outlets these days. Some are ideal for law firms. Others are inappropriate. Since advertising is expensive and important, picking the right delivery method is an absolute requirement.

Here are five different types of advertising for law firms that have a real impact:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for developing leads. Law firms have total control over who, what, where, when, and how they deliver a message. Legal services are only necessary on rare occasions. As a result, law firms have a limited opportunity to capture motivated clients. Email marketing is a way to nurture relationships and encourage people to take proactive legal action. If and when legal services become necessary, your law firm is top of mind. This is one of the most popular types of advertising for law firms because it is effective and low cost.

Social Media Marketing

The best types of advertising for law firms or any business are those that target customers/clients where they gather. That is why social media marketing is so popular these days. Potential clients spend huge amounts of time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. A law firm with a visible presence on these sites is in the perfect position to make connections. Social media marketing is not easy, and it takes an ongoing commitment. But the law firms that do it well reap significant dividends.

Law Firm Branding

A law firm must have an identity if it is going to stand out from the competition. That identity could convey accomplishment and prestige, or accessibility and affordability. It is a way to cultivate a reputation that boosts all the other types of advertising for law firms. Developing a brand is a sensitive and complex process. However, when it is effective, it funnels huge new streams of business to a firm. It is essential for firms to always be aware of their image and perception.

Search Engine Optimization

Where do people turn when they need a lawyer? They do not grab the phone book. They do not instantly pick up the phone for a referral. And they do not wait for an ad to come on TV. In the vast majority of cases, they go online to do a Google search. Using terms that describe exactly what they need, they make a decision based on the top search-engine results. Being close to first on the list is essential for attracting motivated clients. Search engine optimization is a way to improve that rank and get noticed. It requires a careful approach to achieve and maintain a top ranking. But this is one of the types of advertising for law firms that cannot be dismissed or discounted.

Website Design

Getting traffic onto your law firm website is a major accomplishment, but converting is what matters. Potential clients are not impressed by an empty, confusing, or outdated website. They expect quality information, helpful advice, and easy access to resources. They want to connect with a lawyer quickly and easily, and they want to feel confident that working with a firm is the right choice. All of that requires careful website design and management. The most effective types of advertising for law firms lean heavily on online components. A site that is not optimized and appealing will make exactly the wrong kind of impression.

It is important to understand that no single type of advertising is adequate or effective. Law firms must rely on a mix of approaches to connect broadly and deeply with clients. They must plan a strategy, monitor metrics, and revise their messaging regularly. They must also be willing to try new types of advertising for law firms. None of this is easy to do for professionals who focus on the law rather than marketing. Instead of wandering in the dark, partner with Law Firm Marketing Solutions. Our marketing professionals work exclusively with law firms striving to be the best. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about what we offer by calling 884-512-0002.