Law Firm Branding

Law Firm Branding – The Process

law firm marketing Law Firm Branding

You never get a second chance to make a first appearance. In a technologically-savvy world, your first appearance to potential clients occurs long before you ever meet face-to-face. The first experience you will more than likely have with a client is through your website. So it’s pretty important that your website says everything you want it to and the best way to make a great first impression is through cohesive Law Firm Branding.

Effective Law Firm Branding is more than just a logo; it’s a visual representation of who your law firm is. Branding takes into account your law firm’s marketing goals and what you will deliver to your clients. Our branding professionals follow a 7-step process when crafting your firm’s digital presence.

Law Firm Branding – Research

First thing’s first: we have to do a bit of research. Aka, we stalk you. By the end of the research stage, we know everything there ever was to know about who your law firm is and wants to be. Using questionnaires, Google Analytics, keyword research and in-depth analysis, we’ll discover your practice’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We’ll gain a clear understanding of your target market and any other matters that can affect the overall direction of what your brand is.

Law Firm Branding – Concept & Direction

Using information gained from the research stage, we develop a branding plan that capitalizes on your practice’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. We brainstorm a couple ideas and play with some early explorations. We doodle, sketch and dabble a little bit more until a career direction becomes apparent.

The Mark

This is where we start to get some concrete visuals going. In the Mark stage, we develop brand design elements that will guide the viewer’s eye to your logo and through your website to promote engagement. Think banners, arrows, crests, shapes and lines. We’ll find the images that perfectly represent you brand’s personality while keeping in line with the professional nature Law Firm Branding and the legal industry demands.


Did you know that different types have different personalities? A typeface’s unique anatomy of height, bowls, arms, stems, and serifs (or lack thereof) can make one height authoritative while another more warm. We’ll pair your brand with the typeface that says everything your firm wants to say without uttering a word.


It’s proven that color has an emotional effect on people. Referencing back to your firm’s initial questioning and research, our brand designers will put together a color palette that plays to your clients’ emotional side.

Law Firm Branding- The Message

You know this one, in fact you do it every day in court. Half of what you say isn’t what you say, but how you say it. Our writers will develop an overall message about your brand. Then, they’ll incorporate it into your website using SEO tactics to get that message found.

Review & Revise

This is the part of the process where you see it all come together. We’ll discuss the different elements of your new attorney brand and explain how each piece of design works together to tell the story of your law firm. Maybe at this time you’ll wish you had gone with the green logo instead of the blue. That’s ok, we’ll switch that right out for you. Voila.