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Stockton Bankruptcy Attorney

Stockton Bankruptcy Attorney

Facing bankruptcy can become overwhelming and sometimes leave you feeling defeated. According to recent studies the stress associated with bankruptcy can even become unhealthy. The process of facing bankruptcy doesn’t have to drag you down, with the right legal counsel bankruptcy can be used as a tool to help get your financial life back on track! Don’t let bills and creditors overwhelm you. If you’re looking for a Stockton bankruptcy attorney to handle your bankruptcy matters call Stockton Ca Bankruptcy Lawyer Erica Bansmer. She can provide sound legal counsel to help you resolve your financial issues. The legal team at Bansmer Law has garnered a successful track record in the area of bankruptcy representation.

Finding an experienced Family Law Stockton Ca Law Firm is no easy feat and securing legal representation to defend the rights of your family can be a daunting task. Divorce Attorney Erica Bansmer has dedicated her practice to providing superior legal services for the Stockton, California community and beyond. Attorney Bansmer founded Bansmer Law to assist individuals in DUI Defense, Divorce, Family Law and Bankruptcy matters.

Stockton DUI Lawyer

DUI charges can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. Affecting your ability to drive, mode of transportation and sometimes even your employability. Attorney Bansmer has over a decade of experience successfully defending her clients. She employs strategic and results-driven legal strategies to solidify the best interests of her clients. The stringent California DUI laws demand legal counsel that is well-versed and highly knowledgeable to represent your case. Attorney Bansmer has a proven track record of success and is ready to take on your Stockton DUI case.

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

Attorney Erica Bansmer ranks among the leading Divorce lawyers in Stockton Ca. Her extensive background in divorce and family law is well-respected in the community. Attorney Bansmer and her highly skilled legal team work side by side with their clients. Getting a divorce in California encompasses a complex process that can become more difficult based upon the assets and parties involved. Having an experienced divorce attorney in your corner could make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Attorney Bansmer and her team will fight on your behalf.

Stockton Family Law

The weightiness of family law can seem like an uphill battle, especially when you have inadequate legal representation. In family law, the short-term decisions can inadvertently have long-term effects.The balanced need for compassion, discretion and experience is vital to the outcome of each case. If you are seeking experienced legal counsel for separation or divorce in California schedule an in-depth consultation with Stockton Divorce Attorney Erica Bansmer.

Bansmer Law handles several areas of family law including:

Child Support
• Visitation
• Division of Marital Property
Spousal Support

Bansmer Law is well equipped to handle a wide range of legal services in Stockton, California. They offer several means of communication for the clients convenience including telephone consultations, in person appointments/sessions and email communication. Stockton Attorney Erica Bansmer is prepared to conduct a detailed complimentary consultation with you to review your legal needs and inform you of your best options. If you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal matters, call (209) 474-2400 and reserve your appointment today.