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Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer Bruce Silver

On the heels of accidents involving negligence, most victims are not fully aware of their legal rights. Because individuals don’t have proper representation they end up settling their cases prematurely and accepting pay-outs for far less than what they deserve. Boca Raton car accident lawyer Bruce Silver at the law firm Silver & Silver focuses exclusively on helping people that have been personally injured as a result of car accidents, dog bites, falls, premises liability, medical malpractice, and other kinds of accidents. Silver’s enduring goal is to ensure that victims of accidents are represented fairly on all fronts and properly compensated for their injuries. Bruce is the Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney you can trust!

Bruce Silver Always Seeks Fair Compensation

After most accidents involving a personal injury, insurance companies are very eager to settle quickly so as to avoid massive pay-outs. To save on costs, the insurance companies will swoop in and settle cases before the victim has pursued any legal advice whatsoever. With a personal injury lawyer on the victim’s side, insurance companies are far less likely to take advantage of any situation. Boca Raton car accident lawyer Bruce Silver has tons of experience dealing with insurance companies to prevent them from re-victimizing the victims. His presence alone informs the insurance companies that they won’t be able to take advantage of the person injured in an accident.

Bruce Silver Has Been Practicing for Over 20 Years

Bruce Silver’s roots are as a general practice attorney who handled a range of legal issues on behalf of many different clients. Over the years Silver gained a deep knowledge of law, and the wisdom to stream-line his expertise to focus on personal injury and criminal defense. Thanks to his experience across the board, Boca Raton car accident lawyer Bruce Silver has developed a practical approach with the sole purpose of reaching the best possible outcome for his client’s. The firm consistently utilizes legal techniques that Silver has crafted throughout the years. In addition, he is a member of multiple bar associations and has argued accident cases at both the trial and appellate level.

Bruce Silver Values Perspective

Silver & Silver prides itself on boasting a diverse group of highly seasoned attorneys. Along with his co-workers, Boca Raton car accident lawyer Bruce Silver incorporates a myriad of perspectives on every case in order to protect the client’s best interests. He reviews every angle intensively so he can provide completely effective representation. Silver also oversees every single case that comes through the firm’s doors. He and his firm are dedicated to providing swift and fair compensation to anyone who has experienced a personal injury after an accident.

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