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5 Ways Law Firms Use Social Media Advertising To Drive Business

We are still close to the beginning of a brand new year. Time to make some changes in your strategies to help clients find their way to your firm and for you to make money using social media advertising. Social Media is big, and it is getting bigger every day. Aside from advertising and marketing, it gives you options for business development and recruitment.

What do you need to know and what can you do to take advantage of Social Media advertising to connect with potential clients?

What Do You Need To Know?

Starting small and then moving forward with social media is a way to find out what will work best for your firm. The most efficient way to have social media work for you is to do research and testing to find what best works. Improving a little at a time is the best strategy for getting ahead with your social media marketing. Below you will find ways law firms are using to grow their revenue, and by using paid social media marketing, you will be able to determine your needs and strengths to drive your firm’s business. By including paid social media advertising, it gives you a more useful tool for growth without having to put forth a lot of energy.

There are many demographic tools available that will assist in getting your message across the potential clients you are seeking. It is an easy way to find customers easier, and by using platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs, it helps to deliver a quick and inexpensive way to stay in touch with clients and find potential clients. It also assists in keeping up with trends in your industry and seeing what your competitors are up to get more exposure and gives the opportunity to gain over the competition.

The 5 Ways Law Firms Use Social Media to Drive Business

  1. It begins with an impressive website which is consistent and shows your brand. It also shows up on all of your social media profiles. The most important aspect of having this is to provide excellent content. This occurs in a blog on your company’s website and are hosted on your domain. By creating social content and finding ways to share the content on the firm’s website and social media channels. Publishing non-promotional content more than once a week is a great way of connecting with the public. Making sure to use social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Slideshare will assist with getting out there. These are some platforms that aren’t used nearly enough.
  2. Facebook, one of the three big platforms, is used by many attorneys. It is an excellent tool for targeting your demographic market by having the ability to reduce the search to your best clients with information such as life events, salary, interest and a lot more. Facebook will give you many options on pricing and how often you want to use it, which means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the results you are after.
  3. Twitter is another of the top platforms for marketing your business. It features superior targeting that will help your business find your users. Options for targeting include Keyword, Follower, Demographic, Interest, and Behavioral. With Twitter, you can extend your influence and connect with your followers. Regarding connections, bloggers and the press use Twitter for up to the minute subject matter. They use it to assist them in their research to help write their articles. Lawyers who are successful on Twitter will generate more quotes, mentions or complete stories. Consequently, the firm and its attorneys who are contributing become impactful to a bigger audience. This helps to improve their social media reach.
  4. Another top contender is LinkedIn where you can connect with other professionals in your industry. This provides information that could be helpful to law firms. Included in LinkedIn targeting are company, industry, job title or function, locations, language, and membership to LinkedIn groups. This particular platform, however, can prove to be pricey.
  5. Lastly, doing your search to gain information for your Law Firm by going onto Google Blog Search. There, you can find out what people are talking about regarding your company. Many firms do this, so they know where they stand online. You can also glean information from Twitter by search your firm’s name. Many law firms have their own blog and give content that has everything to do with helping people out.

These are just five ways attorneys use social media advertising for their law firms and it is a great way to connect with the public.