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The Importance of Law Firm Testimonials

Build Links With Testimonials

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When building your law firm’s marketing presence, it’s critical to channel your most valuable source of credibility – testimonials. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold on something, especially legal services, and in-your-face sales tactics are a sure fire way to curb a handful of customers. Rather than hear about your law firm from you, people want to hear about your law firm from other people. This isn’t the time to be modest; use the client testimonial to get your law firm noticed.

Client Testimonials

Do not underestimate the importance of the client testimonial. There’s no one who can tell your potential clientele about your law firm’s services quite like your current and past clientele. Some clients may have their own websites and blogs where they could feature you. If not, it’s as simple as asking them for a quote that you can place on your website.

Colleague Testimonials

Law firms and other practices, as well as businesses, commonly collaborate on cases together. In the event that you work with another firm of business, it’s beneficial to both of you to feature each other within a testimonial. Collaborative cases also make good case studies. Case studies can then be used as white papers and give your law firm further credibility.