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You Need a Law Firm That Understands Legalese

What is Legalese?

It is a terminology that is used to refer to terminology used in legal proceedings and documentation. These are words and phrases that lawyers need to know and be able to use, regardless of how long they have been in law or how far along they are. These terms tend to sound like another language and have meanings of their own, hence the term legalese. It is similar to an entirely different way of speaking and another language you have to learn. While it is beneficial for attorneys, it is something that isn’t clear to most people. This can cause problems when lawyers become involved in marketing. They are so used to this way of speaking, that it feels clear to them when it is not to others. This can make marketing muddled and overwhelming.

How Detrimental is Legalese in Marketing?

While it might not seem like a big deal, initially; it is. The entire reason we market is to gain business. However, you cannot get clients if they cannot understand what you can offer them. Why should I come to you, if I don’t understand what makes you so great? I wouldn’t. Not when the next guy is putting all of the cards on the table in a clear communication that speaks to me. A lot of times; people think that if they can’t understand what you are saying, you are arrogant or you are pompous. This isn’t someone they want to do business with. They want someone that they can understand and who communicates well. While being an attorney who is fluent in legalese is beneficial to their case, it isn’t to your marketing. And you have to get them in the door before you can show them you can help their case. They won’t feel like you can represent them if they can’t understand you. You can read more about it here.

The Solution to Legalese in Marketing

Speaking legalese is a grat asset in court, but it may push potential clients away. Having someone who both understands legalese and marketing is essential. Yes, you can find thousands of digital firms who can market for you. They can do everything you want them to, to get your name seen. But, if they don’t understand legalese, how well can they market you? They cannot truly understand your industry or profession if they can not speak your language. And much experience can they have with lawyers if they don’t speak your language? You don’t want someone to market to you if they are used to marketing for restaurants and real estate agents. They need to have experience marketing to people who need help with the law. You can’t market all of those businesses the same. And giving money every month to someone who is going to market you like a dentist is just a waste of money. You would be better off marketing yourself.

How to Find Someone to Market for You

Ask about current clients they work for. If you saw quite a few attorneys, you know you are in the right place. Ask how long they have been working with those clients. If they weren’t doing a great job, they wouldn’t retain business. Find out how long they think it will be before you see results.  If they have experience in this field, they will have an idea of how long results will take. It may not be the answer you want, but if they can offer you a window, then they will likely be able to deliver by then. Sometimes marketing can take a little time to become effective. However, you would do better to invest in a company that will take their time and gets it right; rather than speed it along for a temporary result. This is one of the times that the tortoise will beat the hare in the race.

Finding someone to market for you doesn’t have to be a task that evokes dread. You just need someone with the experience and skills to get people through your door. And the best way to gauge that is by seeing clients they have and how it has worked for them. If they can increase clientele for other lawyers, you know they are doing something right. And that should be something that will work for you, as well. Don’t throw your money away on marketing firms that don’t know legalese or lawyers. Invest it in someone who knows what they are doing because they have dealt with your industry with a winning flare. After all; they are representing you, and you want to make sure that they are the best ones to tackle that objective. You can start your search here.