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Law Firm Marketing In the Digital Age

Law firm marketing isn’t what it used to be. Marketing alone has changed drastically, even in the most recent years. Fine tuning that field for legal work is just that much more complicated. What works for a product won’t work for a firm. Strategies, plans, everything will vary. And you don’t want your business to feel antiquated or give that impression. But, how has law firm marketing changed from what it used to be?

Older Methods

It used to be very popular for businesses to list themselves in phone books. While this is still beneficial, it is something that you don’t want to rely on. The same can be said for newspaper and magazine advertisements. If you need to choose between them, pick the phone books. They don’t have newspapers and magazines next to the phones in jail, but they do have phone books. Billboards are also somewhat useful, but they still don’t work as well as that thick book they wire to phone banks. These methods aren’t something you absolutely can’t include. They should just take a lower priority than the newer ones, which will likely give a higher return for the expenditure.

Social Media

With Facebook and Twitter becoming more popular, this is a medium you will need in your tool box. Not only will it offer exposure, but social media can give you a voice that you wouldn’t get with flyers and phone books. Not only is it an instant delivery, but it is also easily shared. This means that happy clients can spread word of mouth notoriety much faster. However, it means they can spread discontent just as quickly if not quicker. Promoting on Facebook is also a good way to gain interest. Law firm marketing doesn’t have to be overly expensive; you should consider it an investment. A good rule to follow is allowing a budget of two and a half percent of your income. That is a surefire way to maintain financial stability, while still investing in your firm’s future.


Content can be crucial in law firm marketing. You want to make sure that your message is clear. Convey your abilities and strengths clearly and you could not only retain clients but gain new ones. You will want someone who knows which words to use and how to use them. This isn’t something you can do yourself; this isn’t your field. And it is one that requires a lot of time you’ll want to spend with clients, instead. Start your research here. You want to make sure it looks professional and current, not something that you did yourself in the nineties. That can be a very complicated order for someone who doesn’t specialize in it. Think of your website as your face to the world. It represents you on the internet, and most people will see it before they see you. You need to feel confident that it examples who you are and what you are about, in every possible way.


Having videos on your website are a great benefit. You want to show that you can be inviting and how knowledgeable you are. These give potential clients a little insight into your disposition that they will find comforting. You can create your own YouTube channel and offer advice once in a while. Linking your website in the description of those videos is an excellent idea, also. If you are going to insert a video into your site’s landing page, you might want to make it an introduction video that tells about yourself. Include information like why you are qualified (education, work history, and track record are a good place to start), what kind of cases you specialize in and feedback you have gotten from past clients.

If you can show testimonials, that won’t hurt either. The most popular videos then to be ones that offer guidance or explanations, so if you can implement that it will pay off in the long run. Make sure that they are quality videos and not something that looks homemade

You can find more information on methods you should consider here. Word of mouth will be your best asset, and modern technology will make that a little easier and much faster! You will want to capitalize on that and make it a strength. Having a strategy for law firm marketing is essential, and that is where you will want to start. Having a professional in your corner is essential. They will have the most current information and the most beneficial avenues to explore. The law firm marketing techniques used in the past are no longer the best, and that is what you need. Make sure you invest your marketing budget in metrics that can be measured so that you will see the return. This will ensure that you are putting your money in the best place and the most capable hands.