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Online Attorney Advertising: Why It Works…

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Online Attorney Advertising Explained

Advertising is an interesting industry because there are many mediums in which to advertise. Some of these mediums can be tracked and others are just “throwing stuff up against the wall to hope it sticks”. When you put a commercial on tv you can use Neilsen ratings to guesstimate how many people saw your ad. When you buy billboard space you can use DOT statistics to see how many cars drove on that road in a given year. These can be good advertising mediums but they both require a special phone number specifically to track calls from those particular ads. Both of these ads are also shown to everyone, not just your desired targets. Online Attorney Advertising is much different.

Online Attorney Advertising comes in many shapes and sizes from Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Content Marketing, Blog Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and much more. The major difference between these marketing mediums and the offline mediums is analytics. With online marketing you have very granular reporting detailing your ad spend down to the penny and you can see the exact results of every penny spent. You can make changes to your campaigns on the fly to adjust for performance and ROI.

Let me give you an example from a Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign:

Online Attorney Advertising Pay Per Click Campaign Results

This campaign is being run by a Law Firm to get sign ups for a guide they send to prospective clients in a niche market. They run Pay Per Click Ads on Google that lead to their landing pages on three different websites for people to sign up for three different guides. All of these stats are from the last 30 days and in that time the client can see their exact spend, how many clicks they got to their websites, how many times their ad was shown in search results, the click through rate of the ad, their average cost per click, their total ad spend, how many of their pad clicks converted, their cost per converted click, and their click conversion rate.

What Do These Conversions Mean?

All of these conversions are prospective clients that fill out a form for the guide and their contact information is forwarded to the Law Firm and goes into a lead queue. The firm tracks how many new clients they retain from this queue each month and knowing that number they can precisely see their cost per new client acquisition. As an example this client retained 5 new clients during the period displayed so they know that their cost per acquisition for each of those clients was $170.20 and their retainer per client is over $4000. This means that their cost per new client was 4.25%.

Why Online Attorney Advertising is the Right Choice

Online Attorney Advertising can show immediate results and get you new cases right away and a the same time you will know exactly what it is costing you. If you would like to learn more about how you too can start retaining new clients through online advertising fill out our Contact Form and one of our Law Firm Marketing specialists will get back to you to schedule a call or call us direct at 800-815-1880.