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Stockton DUI Attorney Erica Bansmer Climbs the SERPS


In September 2014, Stockton DUI Attorney Erica Bansmer recognized that the skill and experience of her small but results oriented law firm were being overlooked. Attorney Bansmer had a notion that it may have been difficult for potential clients to learn more about their firm and the services they provide. There was no doubt in her mind that the case results and legal services she provided were second to none in her local market but was having a hard time separating herself from the crowd. She looked to Law Firm Marketing Solutions for the answer.

Law Firm Marketing Solutions set out to redefine the brand of Attorney Bansmer’s Stockton Family Bankruptcy Law firm into a brand that was easily identifiable and memorable. We consulted with our brand experts and created the brand identity of Bansmer Law. Our digital marketing team and developers built a strong brand implemented through a website overhaul and streamlined social media profiles.

We revised site pages and focused heavily on the home page to ensure the content aligned with the overall keyword strategies set for the Bansmer Law SEO campaign. Our digital advertising team set up strategic adword campaigns to capture traffic and ultimately translate into strong and qualified leads for Atorney Bansmer and her staff.


At Law Firm Solutions every client receives a baseline evaluation before the onset of our SEO efforts take place. This ensures that the client has a clear and reliable measuring tool to gauge results as the campaign progresses. We implemented unique and results focused SEO strategies to tunnel in on Bansmer Law’s top goals for this campaign. We focused our efforts in areas that would produce an increase in traffic to the site, organic search results, higher keyword rankings and notable growth in conversions. After a six month SEO strategy campaign had hit it’s initial goals and SEO results continued to increase.

Stockton DUI Law Case Results


Over the course of the SEO campaign, Bansmer Law experienced a phenomenal increase in site traffic. The overall site traffic grew from 251 sessions per month to over 545 sessions per month. The amount of organic search traffic also almost nearly doubled expanding from 95 sessions resulting from organic search results to over 141 sessions from this source per month.


The second highlight of the Bansmer Law SEO campaign was the significant increase in valuable keywords throughout the process. Our SEO efforts results in climbing the mountain of SERPS. Initially the keyword position distribution showed only 7 keywords in Google’s top 10. Staying laser focused on the results produced massive re-positioning for the site. 24 keywords moved into top 10 ranking position and 15 remaining keywords climbed into 11-50 ranking positions.

Stockton DUI Lawyer


There was a significant improvement in the number of social media followers and the social engagement each social media channel was receiving. Our social media team started with 159 social signals per month. After implementing a social media strategy to support the SEO goals of the social signals grew to 889 per month, that’s over four times the initial amount. 194 social followers also increased by adding 877 followers across multiple social media channels.

We understood that Attorney Bansmer was focused on improving her standing in the search results and ultimately her overall digital presences across the internet. We made her priorities our priorities and it paid off. Her initial goals of increasing site traffic, improving organic search results and capturing higher keyword rankings were all met and produced an average of 10 strong leads per month. At Law Firm Marketing Solutions we’re all about delivering solutions and above all else delivering results for our clients and those who depend on them to win.